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Male Teacup Frenchie

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NOTE: When neccessary we would require you to come down to pound to meet the puppy and for us to verify that you guys are going to get along just fine and the puppy will have a comfortable stay at your home becuase we hate when our puppies are maltreated and shown less care than required.We cherish our puppies as if they are humans, reasons why they must go to loving homes only. If you are not ready and prepared to take care of any of puppies we are sorry that we will not be able to attain to you.

Latest Reviews

So thank you for this little wonder. She is so fun to be with.

Jane / Nurse

Hi! our new Yorkie. We have her for 2 weeks and she is already potty trained. She is the happiest pup I have ever met. She likes hanging around and checking things out. Thank you for such a perfect little puppy.

Charlie / Maria (San Clemente California)

Maggie is now a part of my family and we are really enchanted to enjoy her company every day. She is so smart and nice. We had some difficulties to potty train her, but she is smart and we finally succeeded. She learnt many tricks as she loves to play all the time. She is full of energy and likes to stay all the time in our company.

Maggie / Patricia (Newport Beach California)

Buster is almost 3 months now and is a healthy and happy pup. Puppy Avenue gave us good instructions and called us to see how things were going. Great team. You rock, guys!

Buster / Carol (Greenfield California)

Meet our little Chloe. She is a wonderful Yorkie that has lot of energy and loves to make tricks and play all the time. She is very funny and smart and has an adventurer spirit. Thank you, OC Pups for your good work!

Chleo / Sarah

I purchased Lola recently and I was surprised by her loving and affectionate nature. She is smart and she goes to potty already in the area I chose for her. I recommend them.

Lola / Deborah (Bakersfield California)